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About The Relay Race

How it works

The Great Indoor Rowing Relay has a team of 4 athletes rowing on the rowing machine concurrently in a relay race of either 1600m & 2000m. Each rower will row either 200m or 250m twice with the team rotating in the following order: athlete 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 1 >2 > 3 >4, with the clock still running as the athletes change over.


This race is equal parts strength and fitness and equal parts tactics and teamwork, as the changeover and order of athletes can make a significant difference in the finish time.

The Concept 2 ergos (rowing machines) are connected together and races are conducted with numerous teams racing the same at the same time. The machines display all the ergo information as a virtual regatta (see below) which shows the audience  how the race is unfolding in real time. With the expected entries of each categories at over 25 teams, there will be a number of rounds with teams progressing or being eliminated after each round of racing.

Who can compete

This is an event for non-rowers only. Any rowing club or surfboat rowers are not allowed to compete

Under 18's:

- Must be Under 18 years of age as of 31/12/2020

- Must be 13 years or older

Over 18's:

this is an open category with no restrictions on age

Is there a chance to practice?

The Fremantle Rowing Club will be running free sessions during March to teach you the basic technique and the best way to do the athlete change overs

When and Where

The WA Indoor Rowing Championships will be held at

Location: Swan Yacht Club, Riverside Road, East Fremantle

Date: 05 April 2020

Time: Under 18s - 12pm-3pm

          Open - 3pm-6pm

The Swan Yacht Club will have a buffet and drinks available all day, and we encourage you to being friends and family to this awesome event and enjoy a meal after your race.